Electronic textiles

Electronic textiles are becoming a reality

Chinese researchers have developed the high-tech textiles. Smart and innovative, they might change the way we communicate.

Electronic textiles

It sounds impossible, like a fantasy movie. But it’s true. Smart clothes are becoming a thing, thanks to the studies of the Fudan University, China.

How the electronic textiles work

The material is flexible, durable, and not high-maintenance. Users will have multiple screens-displyas, featuring texts and messages. All thanks to electroluminescent units. The cloths produced by the Chinese researchers intertwines conductive fibers with the cotton through a textile screen.

Before, the traditional materials weren’t compatible with the tech displays. That’s because they were subject to deformations during the washing and wearing. According to the researchers, the latest innovation is a 6 meter long and 25 cm wide cloth. It can be integrated with a flexible and sensible keyboard. And with a textile battery, which gathers solar energy.

The team from Fudan University wrote a report on the website Nature.

“Our display textile is flexible and breathable and withstands repeated machine-washing, making it suitable for practical applications,” the researchers wrote.

Furthermore, “our approach unifies the fabrication and function of electronic devices with textiles, and we expect that woven-fibre materials will shape the next generation of electronics.”

The applications

As the team explains, this can be a powerful communication tool, with the potential to be applied to many Internet uses. Like healthcare. Also, this electronic textile can become an asset to navigate online. Like a smartphone, but better.

In fact, users can access a Bluetooth connection to link their devices with the high-tech clothes. People will be able to navigate interactive maps and send texts to their friends. It’s not like flying cars, but it’s a step closer to the scifi world of Hollywood movies.

Indeed, this could be the next frontier of technology. Hopefully, of fashion too. Just imagine. It’s tech-savvy and glamorous. Why not?

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